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We are like-minded people that love art, technology, and web3.

Introducing Chiptos X

Chiptos X is the next-generation collection of high-quality 3D rendered robots made with computer parts. Chiptos X is limited to 7680 NFTs, available April 26th-27th, priced at .088 ETH.

Chiptos primary utility is owning the artwork. Owning a Chiptos X is a statement that you value high-quality; a symbol for the builders.

“The reason why I bought a Chipto was purely the art“

We also believe providing utility beyond the art is important to grow our community and brand.

Access & Events:


Gaming Tournaments

The Chiptos community will hold gaming tournaments for popular games. Prizes for holders include hardware, ETH, and NFTs!

Build Nights

Join us for PC build nights where we share knowledge, and get to know one another.

Art & Design Workshops

Chiptos holders will have access to co-founder Cam Taylor (Art Director/Visual Designer) for Digital Art and Design focuses workshops.

Solidity & Coding Sessions

Our holders will also have access to co-founder Gaper (Solidity Developer/Programmer) to discuss Solidity, generative scripting, and more.

Early Access to Products

Chiptos holders will have the opportunity to gain early access to beta testing our hardware products in development.

Product Discounts

Holders will have first access to, and discounts on our hardware products and merch.

Join us in building the brand!

Community involvement in building the brand is something we value.

We will incorporate a light DAO structure where holding a Chipto allows you to vote on the following initiatives.


  • Some aspects of how we develop hardware products.
  • How we build our Metaverse presence (current holdings include Sandbox, NFT Worlds, and Yuga Land via Ape and Mutant holdings).
  • Other community events and initiatives (TBD).

Road Map

Chiptos X Launch (Q2 2022)

Chiptos X, our flagship collection. Details regarding the drop such as quantity, price, and drop date will be updated as we approach late March. Chiptopunks Physical NFTs, Chiptos 512 Genesis, and Rare Diamond Hands holders will receive 1 free mint + 3 pre-sale spots.

Chiptos X Treasure Hunt (Q2 2022)

The hunt begins for hidden traits, that can be found on 8 Chiptos within the collection. Owners of the hidden traits will win exclusive prizes, such as computer hardware and NFTs!

Physical Products R&D(Q2 2022)

Research and Development on our first physical Chiptos product will begin. Chiptos holders will be able participate in the process and provide us with feedback throughout. Holders will also have the opportunity to early-access testing along side us. Proposed ideas will be presented and vetted by the community.

Chiptos Gaming Tournaments (ongoing)

We will be hosting agaming tournaments with multiple communities. There will be prizes (hardware, ETH, NFTs), commentary and a live stream. We will be polling the community to find the best games to compete in.

Chiptos Metaverse Avatars (Q4 2022)

Enter the metaverse as a Chipto! We will be creating a completely new metaverse-compatible line. This line will be different from the existing Chiptos X collection. Holders of any NFT under the Chiptos brand will receive a free mint for each NFT held.

Product Launch (Q1 2023)

We aim to deliver our first physical product early 2023. This will give us enough time to ensure quality and community satisfaction.

Our Genesis Collection

From this project’s inception, we only wanted to make the best-looking art possible, but that has changed thanks to this community. We have grown organically into a truly special like-minded group, with so much potential to go further. This is what inspires us to take the Chiptos community to another level and beyond.


The collection that started it all and the first major NFT project by Gaper. This is a physical piece made out of computer parts to look like a CryptoPunk.

Rare Diamond Hands

A collection of 100 Rare Diamond Hands. Each Diamond Hands is Unique. This is the first major NFT project by Cam Taylor.

Meet Our Team


Developer, Technical Artist

Cam Taylor

Digital Artist, Art Director


Community Manager, Strategy


Project Manager, Public Relations


Collab Manager


We are a part of Zeneca's 333 Club through which he is offering advice to us