Chiptos is an original collection of 512 unique and animated 3D rendered robots made entirely out of computer parts.

Chiptos 512 Genesis

From Humble Beginnings

From this projects’ inception, we only wanted to make the best-looking art possible, but that has changed thanks to this community. We have grown organically into a truly special like-minded group, with so much potential to go further. This is what inspires us to take the Chiptos community to another level and beyond.

Chiptos Second Collection

Where We’re Going

Our goal is to build a thriving community of like-minded people that love technology and art. While our Chiptos Genesis 512 collection laid the foundation, the next Chiptos collection will further grow the community, through delivering the highest quality art that visually bridges art and technology.

Our Beliefs

The Chiptos Future

We don’t believe in big promises and not delivering. What we do promise is to push the envelope and take the Chiptos community as far as possible. We want you to take this journey with us, as we explore this new digital landscape together.

– Gaper & Cam

The Team

Chiptos founders Gaper(Ahmed) and Kwiz1(Cam) met during the OG Chiptopunks launch event on Clubhouse. We talked about ways to pair our skill-sets and take Chiptos to a different level. For more than 3 months of collaboration, creating, rendering, and learning solidity from the ground up, we launched the 512 Chiptos! We are now laser-focused on creating more every day to grow the Chiptos community!


OG Chiptopunks Artist, Developer, Technical Artist


3D Artist, Art Director, Designer